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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

An advanced technology company steeped in tradition.

FrontRunner is committed to growing our network of caring professionals to introduce consumers to firms that understand and care, and have the solutions to help respect their right to choice. Our funeral home management software is specifically designed to change the way families and communities interact with and choose funeral care providers. FrontRunner can equip all funeral professionals, regardless of budgets, with innovative products, services and online strategies.

Corporate Responsibility

At FrontRunner we pride ourselves on always remembering our roots and never forgetting the importance of helping others.
FrontRunner donates heavily each year to worthy causes that help those in need, as well as helping fund the ongoing betterment of our profession. Our new FrontRunner Financing and Market Relief programs further reinforces our understanding of how changes in the market are affecting funeral homes and we will continue to do our part to ensure that they have affordable access to the technology that they will need to effectively compete.

Training & Workshop Center

FrontRunner is proud to be the professions first technology provider that has invested heavily in the future of funeral service through the acquisition of their new Technology Center, which will feature an advanced training and workshop center that can accommodate up to 50 participants. A full schedule of events, guest speakers and strategic sessions will assist FrontRunner clients to ensure they are always ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of technology and marketing initiatives.


FrontRunner has consistently been the leader in innovations since 1994. In today's highly competitive market we see a lot of our innovations being copied by others. For many, their ability to innovate is based purely on their ability to mimic other's innovations. We are fortunate to continue to attract progressive funeral homes that understand the power of real innovation that comes from a disciplined, visionary approach and choose FrontRunner for all they have done and continue to do.


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Our History

Coming from a background of a small family-owned funeral home, we quickly realized all of the greatness that could come out of the advent of the internet for funeral service, while at the same time, all of the strife it could cause to funeral homes who did not understand its pitfalls. Since 1994, our company has focused on developing innovative solutions that respect the deceased, build the trust of families and communities, and reinforce the integrity of the funeral profession. These guiding principles continue to be the foundation for every decision we make. We operate the old fashioned way; one client at a time through trusted, proven technology and a deep, profound respect for the challenges they face.

Today, 7 out of the 8 family members still proudly work at FrontRunner and along with our other dedicated staff, we all work around the clock to help our clients grow their business.

About Our Team

About Our Team

  • Highly-Experienced Programmers

    Our programmers are dedicated to developing the newest, most advanced funeral service technology solutions. Their coding and testing knowledge and experience ensures the technology achieves high standards of innovation and operational excellence.

  • Exceptional Designers

    Our design team offers a wide range of talents and styles. Each appreciates how design influences consumer behavior and the need to retain a high level of professionalism. Our designers do an excellent job incorporating the expectations of our clients and the families they serve.

  • Radical Technical Support

    Our support team speaks to any user about any issue to determine the problem and help resolve it. They can translate highly technical information to clients who may have little or no expertise and simply want a solution without any further complications.

  • Knowledgeable Content & Copywriters

    Our writers are well-equipped to develop content that educates and engages audiences, one word at a time. Their education and funeral service experience fully supports clients as they build and enhance relationships with families and communities.

  • Extraordinary Account Managers and Sales Reps

    Our account managers and sales reps are dedicated to your firm's success. They are enthusiastic and take their responsibilities very seriously always going a step further than expected to support their clients.

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